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Series Review: Reckless and Real by Lexi Ryan

Here is a FULL SERIES review for Lexi Ryan's Reckless and Real: Complete Series Boxed Set.


◆ ◆ Something Reckless ◆ 
REVIEW: 5 Stars 
"No one can tell me I lead women on to get sex. I've never needed to. I take women to bed without any promises and make damn sure they don't regret it. I don't do commitment or forever, and I don't hide it."

Once again, Lexi Ryan has spun a story that leaves you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails in anticipation of what is going to happen!!

So many twists.
So many turns.

What you thought you knew, you apparently did NOT. 

We got to know a little more of Sam at the end of Lexi's Here and Now Series, and he was a sexy-no-strings-attached kinda man.

Lizzy is the other half of Hanna. The twin with the body and the beauty, full of life and fun. Everything had to be easy for her, right? She was able to get by and she is just happy the way she is....or so we think.

I loved seeing the growth of these two characters. I loved getting inside their heads and going through all the emotions they were. Foreign and common.

It was all there. And the way it all played out; superb.

Lizzy was trying to find her way in the world after leaving the job she had. She needed to find a job that she wanted that fulfilled her, but she was also looking for Mr. Right. She knew what she had in the past, but knew that what she had wasn't possible anymore. She was determined to find him.

With a political family dictating life as he should live it, Sam has to adhere to certain expectations. Those expectations seem to be getting in the way of who he thought he wasn' can HE fall in love with someone?? That isn't who HE is....or is it? Well, guess what Mister!!! Sam is a Mr. Right!!! He was so swoony sexy hot lickable yummy. Yes....all that and more.

I couldn't put this book down. I was nervous for Lizzy and Sam, I was excited and I was blown away. I really needed them to realize they were meant to be....they were just so perfect!!

The pull, the draw.....the pure sensual intensity between these two is so palpable. Moth to flame. It was just so angsty and good!! I loved it. I couldn't get enough of these two. Their time together was so sacred and pure and it was SUPER HOT....just ridiculously sexy. Not over the top, drawn out scenes, but purely seductive and intimate. The feelings....oh gosh, the feelings I felt between the two of them was absolutely beautiful.

Of course, with every good story, there is some drama. And unfortunately, this drama was *NOT* their was crazy how a little thought or misconception can turn into a HUGE problem.

I know that their love will see them through, but I am eagerly anticipating the next book REALLY bad. Like.....REALLY bad. As I saw everything play out, from the outside looking in, I just knew that they were going to have some questions to answer to. Sadly, this was the perfect example of how things play out when we only have half the story and we are in the middle of it all. Lexi Ryan has a way to spin a story and make you fall deep into the storyline and be immersed in all the happenings surrounding her characters. I love that she keeps me teetering on the edge with all her it!

"We don't get to choose who owns our heart and we don't get to choose who has the power to break it."

◆ ◆ Something Real ◆ 

REVIEW: 5 Incredible Stars
"Maybe a good person would step away before things went too far, but when it comes to Samuel Bradshaw I am neither good nor bad. I'm only his."

I have been waiting for this book, and Lexi Ryan did NOT disappoint!!! OMG!! This book was everything I needed in a wrap-up story.

Liz and Sam had a HUGE falling out in Something Reckless, one that could have been avoided but circumstances got in the way. When someone you love gets caught in a compromising situation that isn't easily is very hard to digest.

This story was one of some crazy twists and turns. The political aspect to this story really added some very interesting elements and restrictions to their love. When you find that you must 'do for your family' because people are watching you....that really makes it difficult to digest within your heart when you know who your heart really belongs to. I really liked this restriction because it added that much more angst to the storyline and really made me settle in deep as I tried to see how it would all play out. The problem here is, Liz wants Sam, Sam wants Liz and neither are willing to fully admit it. Too much has played out that neither of them can get to the root cause of it all.

These two are so in love with each other and they need to let each other know, but how do they go about it without hurting their families and their future careers? How do they tell each other and get past the hurt they have caused and felt? I really enjoyed the angst in this story....the pulling from one another to the next, the way they tried to be 'good' for the family's best interest, but found that their love was stronger than just a was a need.

I loved the depth of their love....their love knew no true boundaries and was making it's own way in this world and eventually, it was going to be known that they were in love and nothing was going to stop it. I loved Liz and Sam's story and once again, Lexi wrote such a loving and complex story that kept you on the edge of your seat not wanting to put the book down. Brilliant. Excellently written book, as usual!! Lexi Ryan has yet to put out a book that I haven't been in love with. Her stories flow effortlessly and she has a way with sexy angst. She is such a great read.

"I want to fill her with so much pleasure there's not room for anything else in her mind. I want to claim her. To own her, the way she owns me."


◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     


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