Thursday, July 14, 2016

Book Tour Review: Ashton by Jade Sinner

Friendship—forever and always.
That is our agreement. Besides, I'm not looking for sex. I get lots of sex! I'm also not looking for forever. I'm a now kind of man.
Jess has been my best friend since we were dirty faced kids finding trouble around every corner. We are the kind of friends who are always there for one another, through thick and thin, the one who knows each other's secrets and dreams. That can't change just because we've both grown up, or because she's beautiful, funny, smart and quick witted.
Until it does.
One call, one night. That won't change are agreement...then again, agreements can be amended, right?

Ashton is a manwhore. I've heard all his stories and despite them all, I love him.
Not the passionate love. I've never looked at him like that—like the cocky, confident, sexy, man he's become. Because to me, he's just Ashton, my best friend—until one night.
One night when I learn that the rumors are true, that in reality, they don't do him justice. His mad skills are off the charts. Yet, that can't change our agreement. One night has to be enough.
It has to be.
I'm not giving up my best friend for crazy hot lovemaking. But then again, do I have to?

Read this fun, predictable, short, hot, and steamy book and learn how friendship can become more! Ashton The Agreement, is a standalone with a guaranteed HEA. Don't miss your next bookgasm.


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"No, Jess, I'm not a whore. Whore get paid. I willingly share my talents with those in need. I think that's called a humanitarian." 

Every once in awhile you get an interesting, but naughty book to read. Maybe even a little ridiculous in its entirety. Well, today was that day......again. This duo, Jade Sinner, has given me a few naughty quickies to sink into. Are they rational? No, not even a little bit. But the gist of the story is a really good story and the sexy times are downright dirty!

Ashton and Jess are best friends and have been for in foorrreeeeeverrrrr. Literally, their entire lives. They know each other's secrets and every story that has made them who they are. The ONE time they decide to step over the line into the forbidden, it leads to some seriously HAWT and HEAVY sex. It was knowledge and understanding of what they could be that smacked them real hard.

Was it short? Yep. Once again, super short but worth the hour long read if you can get over the fact that perfection happens at warp speed. Seriously, warp speed. You may even roll your eyes.

➜ Was it hot? Oh, holy hell, yes. If Jade Sinner has ONE thing down, it's that they can write some naughty times that have serious sexiness to them.

For $.99 (LIMITED TIME) you can have this book and check out who Jade Sinner is and how they write. I'll be honest, this friends-to-lover storyline started out SUPER strong.....I really liked the premise of this story. Crazy fast, but hot as hell!


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Jade Sinner is two friends, two New York Times bestselling authors, and two chicks with a secret. We like to write sexy, dirty books—the kind of books that would make both of our mothers blush. Since we don't want to see that across the Thanksgiving dinner table, we came together and created Jade.

If you have a secret too—if you like to read books that make you not only blush but flush—if you like quick reads, hot guys, naughty love stories, super-steamy sex scenes, and the promise of always having an HEA (Happily Ever After) then we have the books for you. 

We won't tell your secret if you don't tell ours...
Then again, if you like our books and you don't mind telling the world about our dirty little secret, by all means, please, share!

We promise to keep writing until we have enough to keep you and your friends busy with bookgasms late into the night! 

You're welcome!



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