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Book Review and Giveaway for Royally Endowed by Emma Chase


Logan St. James is a smoldering, sexy beast. Sure, he can be a little broody at times—but Ellie Hammond’s willing to overlook that. Because, have you seen him??

Sexy. As. Hell.

And Ellie’s perky enough for both of them.

For years, she’s had a crush on the intense, gorgeous royal security guard—but she doesn’t think he ever saw her, not really.

To Logan, Ellie was just part of the job—a relative of the royal family he’d sworn to protect. Now, at 22 years old and fresh out of college, she’s determined to put aside her X-rated dreams of pat-downs and pillow talk, and find a real life happily ever after.

The Queen of Wessco encourages Ellie to follow in her sister’s footsteps and settle down with a prince of her own. Or a duke, a marquis…a viscount would also do nicely.

But in the pursuit of a fairy tale ending, Ellie learns that the sweetest crushes can be the hardest to let go.
Logan St. James grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in a family on the wrong side of the law. But these days, he covers his tattoos and scars with a respectable suit. He’s handsome, loyal, brave, skilled with his hands and…other body parts.

Any woman would be proud to call him hers.

But there’s only one woman he wants.

For years he’s watched over her, protected her, held her hair back when she was sick, taught her how to throw a punch, and spot a liar.

He dreams of her. Would lay down his life for her.

But beautiful Ellie Hammond’s off-limits.

Everybody knows the bodyguard rules: Never lose focus, never let them out of your sight, and never, ever fall in love.

"Love isn't a cure; it doesn't magically solve every problem. But it makes solving those problems worth it."

THIS BOOK was everything I needed in Logan and Ellie's book. EVERYTHING. Major swoonage from Logan on all corners of this one. <sigh> I was so ready for their story, but I was also very scared. You know how you hype up something in your head that you have been looking forward to and then it's a total letdown? Yeah....that was this book for ME. I wanted this one SO bad because we met them in Royally Screwed and there was a story there. And thank gosh, it was WONDERFUL!

If you missed my review for Royally Screwed, you can read it HERE. It's spoiler free, but I sure did want Logan's story from the get-go. Now, if you read this as a standalone, you won't be missing out. I think, personally, that Emma Chase did an excellent job with this one, laying the foundation that we got in the first two books. The timeline was laid out and we definitely made up for lost time in this one. Would I recommend you read the first two books? Absolutely yes. I have enjoyed this entire series and easily recommend it. But not just that, it's the "in the moment" feeling you get when you live through Nicholas and Henry's stories that you get to feel instead of just jumping into this one.

I am honestly at the point that I can just say READ THIS BOOK. If you want a fun and exciting read about a palace romance, this one I can easily recommend. I read and loved it. Ellie was just a badass from the very beginning, but when you add quirky to that badassery, you get some hilarious times with a mouth that has absolutely NO filter. I really enjoyed that about Ellie because she really lived life to the fullest....LEMONS and all. And Logan? Yes, yes....all sorts of yesses. I wanted to sink my teeth into him! There was a very amicable, but awkward comfortableness between these two characters. It was like second hand....normal. It was their relationship from the very beginning, and I think that's why I loved them so much. Nothing was expected, nothing was explained, but everything was cohesive and worked because it was supposed to.

The nice (or weird for me) thing about this book was I made ZERO notes while reading this book. I usually make notes along the way just so I have something to go back on, for my review, and work off of. In this one, I just....didn't? It was weird. I read this one straight through and highlighted very little, but was intrigued the entire time. There was some drama in this book that under normal circumstances I would have rolled my eyes over. Seriously, not my cuppa. But being royals, being the subject of a country's curiosity, the drama made sense. There was a lot going on, and we had the very necessary use of a bodyguard in this one and Logan was just the man. Yummy!

For the END of a series, this book was most perfect in every way and that EPILOGUE was so good!! We got to peek in on Nicholas and Olivia, as well as Henry and Sarah, all the while getting Logan and Ellie's story. I liked that aspect a lot! We toggled between being the aggressor and the nonchalant one on both sides....HAHA! When one is denying or questioning their feelings, the other is pushing, and vice versa. I enjoyed the give and take these two had, but Ellie made is comical. Such a great book!

"Love is our inspiration, our motivation....and our reward."






But then the mood shifts, as if the air becomes thicker, weighted, more . . . sultry. 

Because slowly, Logan sinks down to one knee in front of me—looking in my eyes the whole time. In this position, I could touch his shoulders, comb my fingers through his thick, dark hair. He’s the perfect height for me to bend down and kiss his mouth—the perfect height for him to kiss me back . . . in a lot of places.

My breath hitches. And I wonder he feels it too.

There’s a sound of tearing Velcro, and Logan takes something off his ankle—a holster, with a small silver knife, about three inches long.

“Keep this on you all the time,” he says seriously. “Just in case. If you wear a skirt, the strap will fit around your thigh.”

And I almost laugh. Most girls get a ring from a guy on his knees. I get a murder weapon. But still, it makes me feel safe . . . watched over. Like I’m something precious that deserves to be protected.

I take the knife from him, testing the surprisingly solid, heavy weight of it in my hand. I press my index finger to the tip.

Logan grabs my wrist tightly. “Careful. It’s sharp.”

There’s a small, painless nick, a tiny bead of blood, so I put my finger in my mouth, sucking.

And Logan’s watching me again.

Watching my mouth.

His chest seems to rise just a little faster, and his throat ripples when he swallows. He bends his head, curves his strong back, and then I feel his hands on my ankle, securing the strap. His touch is warm and self-assured. It’s the way he always moves—confident and experienced. Logan knows his body and he knows how to use it, in every way possible.

I almost moan. The sound is in the back of my throat, but I keep it trapped. I never knew the ankle was an erogenous zone, but it sure as hell is now. A hot pulse of pleasure streaks from Logan’s fingers on my bare skin, up my thigh, between my legs.

And I throb there, growing swollen and heavy as he keeps his hands on me.

Can he tell? Does he know? He’s so aware of everything, always so attuned, I wonder if he can sense my arousal . . . feel it in the air that clings between us.

Emma Chase is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the hot and hilarious Tangled series and The Legal Briefs series. Emma lives in New Jersey with her husband, two children and two naughty (but really cute) dogs. She has a long-standing love/hate relationship with caffeine.




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Excerpt for Drunk Dial by Penelope Ward


After that evening, I hadn’t heard back from him for a few days.

Then, one night, a text came in from the same phone number I recognized as Landon’s. It was the first time he’d texted me.

I looked down to find he’d sent a photo.

I gasped.

It was a heavily tatted man set against the backdrop of the ocean at sunset. Oh, my. It was him—a selfie.

Fuck. Me. He was beautiful.

I wouldn’t have even known it was Landon were it not for the blue eyes I recognized instantly. The shaggy, caramel hair I remembered from the past was now a darker shade of brown and shorter, cropped closer to his head. His arms and his chest were inked, his body so perfect that if I squinted, it almost resembled carved stone.

I couldn’t stop looking at him. My eyes wanted nothing more than to explore the ridges and valleys of his stunning body.

Was this a cruel joke?

This was not Landon!

But, it was.

With my thumb and middle finger, I kept zooming in and out, examining the details of the ink across his chest and on his arms. There was really nothing sexier than a guy with perfect arms and a full sleeve tattoo.

Even though his lips seemed fuller than I recalled, they still curved into a familiar grin that oozed confidence. The eyes and that smile were the only traces of the boy I remembered. I wished I could’ve leapt through the screen to smell him, touch him.

“Hi, Landon,” I whispered, for a brief moment talking to the boy inside, not the man in front of me.

This Landon was the polar opposite of the Ivy League yuppie image previously in my head. The only thing the man pictured might have majored in was badassery. He looked like a rockstar, a rule breaker, displaying a sense of arousing danger—someone who must have had women from all walks of life drooling over him for the sheer fact that either they couldn’t have him or shouldn’t have him. It suddenly became clear why, as he’d alluded to, a woman might have been begging him for sex. That made me wonder if he had any secret tattoos in spots I wasn’t allowed to see.


A fire was burning inside of me, and I knew it was my crush exploding into a full-blown obsession.

A self-conscious feeling came over me. If I was scared to show him a picture of myself before, now I was really hesitant.

The message that went along with the photo simply read:

Now show me you.



It seemed like a good idea at the time. Look up Landon Roderick, that boy from childhood whom I’d never been able to forget—even though he so easily forgot about me—and call him.

Then again, anything sounds like a good idea when you’ve had a little too much wine before bed, right? It was supposed to be just a quick, meaningless, prank call. Instead, I went off on him—unloading thirteen years of pent-up emotions.

I didn’t think he’d call me back.

I certainly could never have anticipated the weeks of sexually tense phone conversations that followed as I got to know the man he’d become.

Turned out, Landon had never really forgotten me, either. That special connection we had was still there. I opened up to him, but there were also things about me he didn’t know. And he had his own secrets.

Over the countless hours we talked on the phone, I wondered what would happen if we actually saw each other. One night, I did something impulsive again. Only this time, I went to the airport and booked a ticket to California. We were about to find out if one phone call could bring two lost souls together or if my drunk dial really was all just a big mistake.


◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     

Penelope Ward is a New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author. She grew up in Boston with five older brothers and spent most of her twenties as a television news anchor, before switching to a more family-friendly career. She is the proud mother of a beautiful 11-year-old girl with autism and a 9-year-old boy. Penelope and her family reside in Rhode Island. 



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Book Review and Giveaway for Wicked Wish by Sawyer Bennett


Jorinda Pearce thought she did everything right – graduated from college, married her long-time sweetheart, established a career. But what does she have to show for it now? A degree she doesn’t use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband that broke her heart.

Looking for a long overdue adventure, Jorie takes a walk on the wild side and attends a masquerade event at The Wicked Horse Vegas. It’s exactly the escape she’s looking for, and even better, she can explore anonymously. Drawn to the man masked in black leather with the body of a god, Jorie finds the greatest pleasures of her life at the hands of a stranger.

Walsh Brooks is the most sought after man in The Wicked Horse. Sex is nothing but a game to him and he’s the type that will always leave at the end of the night without looking back. Unfortunately for Walsh, there’s no way he can walk away from the mysterious green-eyed beauty behind the mask of sapphire feathers, because he knows exactly who she is.

Jorie is his best friend’s little sister and there’s not another woman in the world that’s more off limits.

"I like sex, and I don't rely on anything to get me in the mood."

I'm really positive this was the hottest one in The Wicked Horse series yet.....I'm sure of it. Wow!!! Holy shite!!! This book was HOT. Like...woah, HOT. It made me blush a few times, and that is HARD to do!! I really REALLY liked this one. HOT. Holy cow, did I mention it's hot? No? Dangit....remind me to do that.

Yowzers!! So Jori and Walsh seriously set the bar for the rest of the series for me. When I read a book in ONE sitting, that tells me something. But when I can read it, review it and still keep thinking about it afterwards, that says a lot. Jori and Walsh were all sorts of combustible. (I'm still saying wow in my head as I write this!!) They came together (no pun intended) and it was instant gratification for me. I felt their chemistry. I felt their need, their desire, their lust. I felt that connection they had that worked so well for them. So So So SOOOO sexy. Yummy.

Walsh was deliriously delicious in every aspect. Every one!! He was rich, he was built, he had a sizable member....laugh, I know, but it's in all the books -- so it's mentionable, right? HAHA! He had it going on for him, for sure. But for ONCE, I zeroed in on the heroine of a book. Seriously awkward for me, but I may have fallen in love with Jori! I liked that Jori didn't play the victim to her own circumstances. She owned her life and made it hers! She was SO spunky, and I liked that. She had a go-get-'em attitude, and I loved her ability to throw caution to the wind. She knew what she wanted and fought for that one. It may have been dirty; think PONY by Genuwine. Just saying....she worked it HARD. HAHAHA!!!

When there is mixture of tropes in the book like this one had, I don't think many can handle it as well as Bennett did. I loved the best friends little sister aspect hard core. LOVED that part. But she added in another little twist in there that I generally love, so that added a bit of tongue wagging for me, or lip biting too. It was buttoned up super fast, which sucked for me for the angst aspect (little devil, I know!), and there were some repetitive phrases/paragraphs, but the insane connection she and Walsh had was undeniable, and so the story flowed effortlessly for me. I loved their connection. I loved their relationship. I loved it ALL. Make sure to add Wicked Envy to your TBR HERE.

Bennett has the ability to write a story that keeps me coming back for more, every.single.time. It's the same premise!! The same naughty club!! But, I keep coming back for more.....that's the definition of a stalker. (Or insanity....but, you know, work with me.)

Psssst......this one was HOT.

"Panties off. Leave the rest on."


Google Play:


Squaring my shoulders, I march into The Royale and head straight for the concierge desk. I haven’t been in this casino before. Hell, I haven’t been in hardly any of them. Sure, I’d only grown up about forty-five minutes away, but gambling and all-you- can-eat buffets held no interest to me.

From Micah bragging about his best friend over the years, I knew Walsh orchestrated the purchase of the land, then pulled together financing with two other partners to build this casino. It’s one of the most popular on the strip, boasting five-star dining, old-world elegance, and superior customer service. Again, all this from Micah, but honestly… I’m so proud of Walsh, too. We may have lost touch over the years, but I’ll never forget all the ways in which he acted as a big brother to me.


Okay… that’s gross. Thinking of Walsh like a brother.

I scrub my mind clean of that thought and demand myself never to do that again.

Rather, I’ll never forget all the ways in which Walsh provided me friendship and support in my

formative years.

Yes… much better.

“Can I help you?” a man behind the concierge desk asks with a genuine and friendly smile. Not snooty as I would expect in a fancy hotel, and I guess that goes to the superior customer service The Royale strives for.

“Yes… hi,” I say as I nervously tuck my hair behind my ears on both sides. “I need to see Mr. Brooks. How do I go about getting access to his apartment?”

Micah told me some time ago that Walsh lives here.

The concierge never loses his friendly smile, but a single eyebrow arches high at my temerity.

“Oh, gosh,” I stammer. “That came out stalkerish. Mr. Brooks… I mean, Walsh… and I are longtime friends. He used to babysit me.”

“Your name?” the man asks as he pulls up something on his computer.

“Jorie Pearce.”

After a moment of scanning, he looks up at me. “Your name isn’t on the approved list.”

“Well, he’s not exactly expecting me.”

“I’m sorry, Miss Pearce,” he says with true regret in his voice. “But our policy is strict. No one gets up to the private penthouse without their name on the list.”

I lean on the desk with one elbow and lower my voice. “Just out of curiosity… are there any women on that list?”

The eyebrow shoots up again.

“No, wait,” I say hastily as I hold my palms toward him in a silent plea to not process my last request either mentally or on the computer. “That’s totally stalkerish, and I didn’t mean that.”

“Miss Pearce,” the concierge says, now with a hint of annoyance. “Perhaps you’d like to leave a message? I can get it up to Mr. Brooks today and he can call you.”

“No, I need to see him now,” I tell him firmly. “And I swear it’s not to cook a rabbit in a pot on his stove. Can you please just call up to his apartment?”

“That’s not our policy—”

“Look,” I snap as I lean across the desk slightly. “I’m a lifelong friend of Walsh’s. My brother is his best friend. We lost touch for a few years, but we ran into each other last night. I really need to talk to him about something that happened last night, and I’m not leaving this hotel until you call up to his apartment.”

The eyebrow doesn’t arch but it does draw inward to meet its match on the other side as he considers what I just said.

“I swear to you,” and here I pause to look at his name tag, “Bentley. Please just call him. He won’t be mad.”

With a sigh, he relents and picks up the phone receiver, punching in a five-digit number. After a pause, he says, “Mr. Brooks… I’m very sorry to disturb you, sir, but there’s a Miss Jorie Pearce here to see you. She says she’s a longtime friend.”

I watch as Bentley listens, but I can’t gauge what’s being said as his face remains blank. Finally, he says, “Very good, sir.”

I take this to mean I’ll be getting an escort to the penthouse suite, but Bentley replaces the receiver and says, “I’m sorry, Miss Pearce. But Mr. Walsh told me to tell you he’s busy and can’t receive you right now.”

My eyes narrow at Bentley. “I don’t believe you. Call back and let me talk to him.”

“I assure you, I just talked to him and that’s what he said.”

“Call him back,” I order as I point to the phone.

“I can’t,” he says almost with a wail. “If I do, he’ll fire me.”

Okay, that hits home. I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, so I say, “Fine. Give me just a moment.”

I take a few steps away from the concierge desk and pull my iPhone out. I shoot off a quick text to Micah. What’s Walsh’s phone number?

I wait a few moments, but I know Micah is awake in San Francisco at this hour. His phone is always on, and he never ignores a text from me.

He responds with the number before I can even start to tap my foot with impatience, adding on, Why?

I hate the lie, but I write back, Came to Vegas for the day. Thought I’d see if he could meet up for lunch. Haven’t seen him in years.

Cool, he writes back. Tell him I said, “what’s up, douche?”

I roll my eyes as I text back, Real mature. Love ya. Later.

After I save the number to my contacts, I open a new text to Walsh. Let me up to see you or I’m going straight back to The Wicked Horse to satisfy some further curiosities I have.

I hit send and then walk back to the concierge desk. I merely lean one elbow on it and watch Bentley with a silent smile. The phone rings about ten seconds after that.

Bentley’s eyes fly to mine as he listens, and then says, “Yes, sir. Right away.”

When he replaces the receiver, he says, “I’m to show you to the penthouse elevator.”

“Thank you, Bentley,” I say brightly.

◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     

New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Sawyer Bennett is a snarky southern woman and reformed trial lawyer who decided to finally start putting on paper all of the stories that were floating in her head. Her husband works for a Fortune 100 company which lets him fly all over the world while she stays at home with their daughter and three big, furry dogs who hog the bed. Sawyer would like to report she doesn't have many weaknesses but can be bribed with a nominal amount of milk chocolate.

Sawyer is the author of several contemporary romances including the popular Off Series, the Legal Affairs Series, the Last Call Series and the Carolina Cold Fury Hockey Series.




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Book Review and Giveaway for Crave by EK Blair

Kason and Adaline.

From the moment they met, they started to fall. Neither of them predicted just how far the drop would be, though.

Loving Adaline was all Kason had ever wanted to do. But layer by layer, he started to unravel, forcing Adaline to face an addiction she never could’ve imagined.

This is what happens when one person loves beyond the craving and the other craves beyond the loving.

"My truth is so unworthy of the girl my heart has starting attaching itself to."

OMGOSH......I neeeeed the next book yesterday! YESTERDAY, I tell you! 

Crave is a new series by EK Blair -- well, actually it's a duet. It's not what we have been accustomed to lately from Blair. She has given us tragic and painful, but she's also given us sick and depraved... but they always had the underlying breathtaking love story to go with them. Something that has always made us crawl deeper into her world because we know she can bring a deep, heart-rendering love to life that will bring us to our knees. She writes with depth and relatability, to endear you to her characters, and to feel their anguish as they navigate their love and their heartbreaks. I love that she can do that. 

This one starts out in high school and we get to fall in love with Kason and Ady falling in love. Literally. <-- I made a funny. HAHAHA! I am not a huge YA reader, and I don't normally read high school aged kids because I just don't like the immaturity that some authors write. Going in, I didn't know what this one encompassed, but I do know that Blair can write a story and bring it to life and not let me question a thing. The thing about this book is that even though we are dealing with kids growing up, the depth of Blair's words, and the reality of the storyline she gives us, it makes it so that we are still able to connect and feel on such a level that we can be empathetic and not roll our eyes. I know I speak a lot about not liking YA and then I find myself reading them. I should probably stop saying that. I am finding myself increasingly willing to accept more YA by authors that I know will give me a well thought out and unscripted story that tests my emotions and makes me think beyond my own comfort level. Crave was that one for me this time.

This was honestly one of the best written teenage love stories that I have ever read. These two are wise beyond their years due to the circumstances around them, and their bond is such a beautiful bond. It was an easy going, giddy, and flirtatious start to their relationship that made you smile and remember back to your first love in high school. Does it stay young? No, actually. When I say we get to grow with them, I mean we actually grow with them and get to maneuver obstacles of the heart as well as the physical. Here we have such an innocent and young, almost immature confusion in Kason and Ady's world. A lack of understanding that leads to anger and pain, and it is such a scary thing to wade through as an adult, let alone a teenager. The fact that these two allowed their love to guide them, and their understanding and need for each other to push them, it said a lot about their love. 

When I hear addiction, I think drugs or alcohol. A choice someone has made to try something and they end up becoming addicted. But what if it's something different? Something you don't even understand. an addiction that a teenager has to fathom and understand, constantly wondering what is wrong with them. I think Blair touched on a very sticky subject that encompasses pain and guilt, while causing shame and humiliation. I was drawn in and couldn't stop turning the pages. I fell in love with Kason and Ady, but I was engrossed in the overall story that she told. 

However.....that cliffie? I may have said "I hate you" to a certain author who shall not be named, even though I love her words. My heart splintered. My heart aches because of the situation and the levity of the actions portrayed. I am going to cry until October, just so you know. I feel like I need to hug Kason and comfort a mother, as a friend, hell -- as a reader. 

"How could we be so close and so disconnected all at the same time?"

This is one of those books you can just discuss repeatedly. The sorrows, the confusion, the pain, and the love. It's all there. When was the last time you got sucked into a book? I don't mean you enjoyed it, raved about it and then moved on. I mean truly lost, enraptured from the first chapter, sucked in and just felt it? That was this book. I obviously strive for a SPOILER FREE review with every review I do, so there is only so much I can discuss without giving something away, but I oftentimes wonder how an author can tell a story like this, more specifically, how they come up with great stories like this, and never tell the same story. Well, EK stands out because her stories have reality fleshed with fiction, easily relatable and undeniably passionate.

"My heart doesn't know how to beat without you."


-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -


◆     ◆     ◆     ◆    ◆
New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling author, E.K. Blair, takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her books. A former first grade teacher with an imagination that runs wild. Daydreaming and zoning out is how she was often found in high school. Blair tends to drift towards everything dark and moody and has been noted as 'The Queen of Dark and Twisted'. Give her a character and she will take pleasure in breaking them down, digging into their core to find what lies underneath.

Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace, and spending time with her friends. She's a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.


ARC review

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Excerpt Reveal for The Learning Hours by Sara Ney


He’s seated at a table in the far corner when I spot him from the door. He’s not hard to miss—not with his purple t-shirt in a sea of black and yellow, and wavy mussed hair.

He’s slouching, hunched over his table.

Defeated. Tired.

My stomach rolls with nerves, nerves that have me rooted to the spot in the doorway, watching him.

Just watching.

For the entire four minutes I stand here, he sits immobile, studying his laptop, eyes moving along the screen, completely transfixed by whatever he’s reading.


“Just go over there,” I whisper to myself, blowing out a puff of pent-up air.

I put one foot in front of the other and begin toward him, spine ramrod straight, steeling myself, prepared for another argument.

Twenty feet.





No reply.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” I lay my hand on the back of the wooden chair across from him, intending to pull it out.

He stiffens but doesn’t lift his head. “Yes I mind.”

“Would you mind if I sat at the table next to you?” I’m pushing his buttons, looking for a reaction, but he only spares me a brief glance.

Shrugs. “Free country.”

I bite my lip to hide a smile, glad he didn’t tell me to take a hike...


So much so that they plastered my ugly mug all over campus, in bold printed letters:

Are you the lucky lady who’s going to break our roommate’s cherry?

Him: socially awkward man with average-sized penis looking for willing sexual partner. You: must have pulse. Text him at: 555-254-5551
The morons can’t even spell. And the texts I’ve been receiving are what wet dreams are made
of. But I’m not like these douchebags, no matter how hard they try to turn me into one.

One text stands out from hundreds. One number I can’t bring myself to block. She seems
different. Hotter, even in black and white.

However, after seeing her in person, I know she’s not the girl for me. But my friends won’t let up—they just don't get it. Douchebags or not, there's one thing they'll never understand: GIRLS

Especially her.





Sara Ney is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the How to Date a Douchebag series, and is
best known for her sexy, laugh-out- loud New Adult romances. Among her favorite vices, she
includes: iced latte&#39;s, historical architecture and well-placed sarcasm. She lives colorfully,
collects vintage books, art, loves flea markets, and fancies herself British.
She lives with her husband, children, and her ridiculously large dog.



Hanging in the Stars by Sienna Blake

The finale to the Dark Romeo trilogy…

Roman and Julianna are rocketing towards a fiery end. But it’s not over until it’s over. Betrayals will be revealed. The twisted truth will come to light. Nothing is what it seems.

Can Roman and Julianna find a way to be together or will Shakespeare’s curse befall our star-crossed lovers?

Inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, this is a retelling for mature audiences. Don’t enter the Underworld if you’re scared of the dark. 

"The truth was, I had fallen in love with Roman Tyrell and I didn't know how to crawl out of love."

Phew!! What a ride!! I *really* enjoyed this Romeo and Juliet adaptation!! If you missed out on my reviews for the first two books, here they are: Love Sprung From Hate and The Scent of Roses. 

IT WAS FUN TO SUSPEND BELIEF while I was reading this entire was such a great adventure for me being my first mafia series, and while I am not sure how often I will read a mafia book, this one was a great one to tempt my reading palate. It kept my attention the entire time I was reading it. I read each book in ONE sitting, after starting them, and to me, that says a lot. I usually take a few days to read a book, but I loved being immersed in this world of tormented love and dirty dealings. 

The final book in this series was a great ending for me. While this one was definitely more action based and less sex was involved (I mean, romance book....hello!!? I had to point it out.), it rounded out the story very well. I feel like I got a full story and don't have any questions. Well, I mean ONE question remains, and I don't think it will truly ever be answered, but their story was complete. Such a good love between Jules and Roman, it withstood every test thrown at them.

I will admit that it took me a minute to hear Sienna's voice and to assimilate myself after the first book since it was super long winded, but this book felt like it got to the point quicker and the pace was perfect for me. I really enjoyed this entire series and can and will recommend it. I will say that I loved the fact that it followed Romeo and Juliet as much as it did, and I was left turning pages quickly to get through the story to see where Sienna took us. I really enjoyed this series. I am glad I jumped in and gave it a chance. New genre and a new to me author. Win/Win!!

"The most terrifying thing any of us can do is to fall in love. Why do you think they call it 'falling' in love? The greater the love, the harder we will fight against it."


Sienna Blake is a pen name for a USA Today Bestselling Author. She loves all things that make her heart race — rollercoasters, thrillers and rowdy unrestrained sex. She likes to explore the darker side of human nature in her writing.

If she told you who she really was, she’d have to kill you. Because of her passion for crime and forensics, she’d totally get away with your murder.




Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Book Review for A Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks


Ellis Hughes has loved the girl next door since he was ten-years-old. She was his sun, moon, and every visible star in a clear night sky. She was also his biggest regret.

When a terrible accident rips Ellis and Harlow apart, it shatters both their hearts beyond repair. More than a decade later, Ellis has paid his penance, but his regret still lingers, and the love he once harbored for his childhood sweetheart has never faded.

What Ellis believes has been destroyed forever, slowly comes back to life, only for a cruel twist of fate to intervene. Knowing he cannot live his life without Harlow in it, he faces the ultimate test of selflessness.

He must sacrifice his own heart to mend hers.

"She was effortless, it took no exertion or strength to love her, and when I was with her she made everything brighter." (sic)

This is going to be a case of my thoughts don't mesh with others' thoughts. I know that I am in the minority here, and I completely understand that, but I am feeling slightly underwhelmed by this book. It may be something as simple as connection, or as big as story issues, but either way, it just felt drab to me. I felt like I was reading with a cloud over my head the entire time because we already knew something was going on. It was hinted at quite a bit, and the past to present lent us the notion that it wasn't going to be a good outcome.

To start, I honestly felt next to nothing in regards to an emotional connection to this storyline. I was told this was a super emotional, might-need-tissues kinda read. Nope. As for characters, I liked HIM more than HER. I was able to connect with Ellis and I felt his emotions more, but Harlow felt a little off putting and cold. I don't know why. All the words were there to tell me differently, but I just didn't feel this one emotionally. I do know that I was being told what to feel, and I read those words....but the actual buildup to the secret felt like it was slow. I was honestly frustrated overall with the secrecy and jumping between past and present the most. I feel like once we got to a certain point, the back and forth needed to stop because it wasn't relevant to the pacing of the story anymore.

In the beginning, I was settling in for a fun friends to lovers book. I loved where we started out age-wise and how we got to see them grow together -- the falling in love, the growing up, the natural progression of their relationship. I enjoyed that part immensely, but by the time I got to 70%, it felt monotonous. It felt like a low intensity discussion about everything going on. It was the most uneventful book I've ever read, and the subject matter should have been anything but. There were glossed over situations and they didn't even add any moments to ponder. There was nothing up and down about this, no give and take for me, no emotional turmoil to pull me in. I wanted to see it through because I needed to know what happened, but this wasn't an amazing read for me, by any means. I felt very frustrated with the lack of depth I felt while reading this book. Was it well written? To a degree, I felt that we had a full story, but I didn't have enough of it to grab me and hold me hostage. But I'm not a skimmer or a back page reader, so I had to see it through. For the record, the ending did NOT bother me in the slightest either.

To note: I cringed at the use of some sayings that are not local to this country, so you definitely knew the author was from across the pond, yet the story was based in the States. Does that normally bother me? Not normally, but I think it just added to the problems I was encountering while reading this book. I purchased this book, so I feel the need to mention that another round of editing could have been made to clear up some slight grammar/punctuation issues.....and sadly, the spelling of names changed during the book as well. It was my first book by this author, but I will give her a go again, because I did feel like she could tell a story and maybe this one just didn't work for me.

However, bonus points: I'm well versed in all things heart related. Maybe a little too much.

What did I love? I absolutely LOVED all the quotes between chapters. Those were beautiful and I felt like they were a good indication of what was going on in the book, emotional or not. I looked forward to those. 

"The only thought I can make sense of is that I know I don't want to exist in a world where Harlow doesn't."

I'm a little neurotic; I function on a tiny amount of sleep, and a huge amount of caffeine. I love old movies, green skittles, and have a slightly strange, and irrational fear of stormy weather.

When I'm not locked away scribbling down the crazy stories that occupy my mind, I can be found at home in East Yorkshire with my husband and two children.

I'm unashamedly fickle and can be persuaded to do just about anything with the promise of a good book, new shoes, or a bottle of bubbles.

Oh, and did I mention I also love to write?





Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway for Blue Balls by RC Boldt


BLUE BALLS: When the universe gets in the way of your "follow through"

Truth: A painful condition caused by a prolonged state of sexual arousal without release.
Myth: Only affects males.


I’m beyond frustrated with the man who’s left me high and very far from dry. Multiple times. But, somehow, even though I’m not interested in a relationship, Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome keeps me coming back for more—one crazy, sexual debacle after the next.

Come hell or high water, the stars will align, and the release will be out of this world.

I’m captivated with the woman who’s left me sixty-nine shades of blue, and she's only in this for one thing. The first time, I blew it—and not in the good way—but I’m going to ensure we finally see it through. I need to put an end to this “plague” of sexual calamities and prove to Sarah that we can have more.

It's time to grab the universe by the balls and show it who's boss.

"Sweet baby Moses in the river. I'm in fear of having perpetually hard nipples and soaked panties around this man. Do they have support groups for this kind of thing?"

It's a great day when you can say any book was IT and this one was it!! I needed this book SO bad! This book has to be the best romantic comedy I have read all year. I thought Clam Jam was funny, and you can read my review HERE, but I have to admit that Blue Balls was the most absolute perfect follow up for secondary characters EVERRRR. Ever. EVER. Now, you don't have to read Clam Jam before reading this one, but I would highly recommend that you do for a number of reasons. Mainly because Clam Jam was funny and it gives us the beginning for Jack and Sarah's relationship....the basis for their characters.

RC Boldt is a special brand of funny. She just has this knack for putting you at ease in a situation that could be completely embarrassing, but is most definitely comical. The dynamic and relationship between Sarah and Jack was effortless. The story never dragged between the two of them and I never felt like I was waiting for it to continue on. When we were in Sarah's POV, it was as if she was talking directly to us and I loved the way she just laid it all out there. I'm totally giggling thinking about it!! This book read like one long girls night out conversation that you can't help but find yourself laughing at. So freaking funny.

But to Sarah's sarcasm and wit comes Jack's sincerity and charm. Oh, he's witty too, don't get me wrong. But what struck me most was his disarming character along with his honesty and integrity. He was ALL man, and he makes you just sigh because he was most definitely a gentleman under all that sex appeal. Oh! And he's a professional button pusher with a sexy smile. Yep. He knew all the buttons to push, whether to make her laugh, smile, swoon, or melt. He pushed them all. Holy cow. I loved him SO much!! This was a hilarious account of perpetual blue balls. I laughed my way through this entire book, but more importantly....I swooned hard. Jack is what every gentleman should strive to be like. Naughty and nice. Polite and pervy. Sexy and sweet. Just perfect!

I know I keep grinding on about how funny this one was, but there was some honest depth to this one as well. I really love the way RC tells a story and she is fast becoming a must read author for me. I haven't read anything by her I didn't like and I have enjoyed her infusion of sincerity and comedy in all of her books. Did I make myself clear? This one was so damn funny. I can't even explain it....just so freaking funny! But man, it was so sexy and HOT too. Perfectly balanced book for me. I highly recommend this one.

REALITY: I was giggling so bad that I ended up waking up my husband in the middle of the night. I seriously couldn't stop. Like, shake-the-bed-while-you're-trying-to-be-respectful-of-the-time giggling. Bahaha! This book was worth it and I couldn't put it down! THIS IS A MUST READ BOOK and is now on my Favorites List for 2017. The title for this one was the literal definition for the WHOLE was aptly named. This book is why I love reading. The unexpected perfection in a story like this one? RC is a great writer; witty and spontaneous, with off the cuff comedy.

"You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams."


RC Boldt is the wife of Mr. Boldt, a retired Navy Chief, mother of Little Miss Boldt, and former teacher of many students. She currently lives on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, enjoys long walks on the beach, running, reading, people watching, and singing karaoke. If you're in the mood for some killer homemade mojitos, can't recall the lyrics to a particular 80's song, or just need to hang around a nonconformist who will do almost anything for a laugh, she's your girl.