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EXCERPT AND BLITZ: Come Undone - The Cityscape Series by Jessica Hawkins


Come Undone
The Cityscape Series

As the elevator ascended, David’s body seemed to grow bigger, his bearing predatory. I was his cornered prey—and he was about to strike. After a charged moment, he nodded at the doors. “Go on.” In my thickening haze of anticipation, I hadn’t even noticed our arrival at the penthouse. “We’re late for a very important date,” he said.

“And what date is that?” I asked as we stepped off.

“You, me and nothing else. Leave everything at the door.” He unlocked the apartment and held it open so I could pass through before him. As I did though, he snatched my elbow. “I said everything.”

Over my shoulder, my gaze met his brown eyes, dark and lusty. He let the door slam to merge his body against my backside, gripping my shoulders roughly in his hands. “I’ve been crazy for you all day,” he rasped in my ear. “And although I love this nude dress, I want it off. Now.” He dragged the zipper down and dropped to his knees. I gasped when his lips touched the base of my spine. His hands skated up my exposed back and slid over my shoulders, releasing the gown so it slumped at my feet. They came around to my front, where he spread his fingers across my stomach. A moan vibrated against the small of my back, sending a shiver up to my shoulders. 

He stood and wrapped an arm around my chest, his hardness pressing against my spine. 

His other hand dropped to pull me open by my inner thigh and touch me through my underwear. I was panting, swaying when he released me suddenly. “Jesus,” he muttered. 

“I can’t control myself with you.”

Through oversized windows, the city glow lent the only light to the room as he circled in front of me. I put my hand in his and stepped out of the dress, following as he led me down the stairs into the sunken living room. 

“Keep those on,” he instructed, motioning to my new black stilettos. He removed his blazer and lit the fireplace as my body, alive with desire, wavered unsteadily in the four-inch heels. He emptied his pockets onto a side table and removed his Rolex. He undid his bowtie slowly with his hooded eyes fixed on me. His limbs, strong and brawny, moved fluidly as he shed clothing. I wanted to learn the contours of his body with my eyes, my fingers, my tongue. And when he looked at me that way, like it was the first time, I could barely help from melting at his feet.

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I started this series on Wednesday and finished them ALL by Thursday night.....I could NOT put them down! Seriously had me addicted from the get go. I devoured these books...devoured. This is a superbly written story about temptation, forbidden love and the consequences. It really makes you feel the emotion and really 'see' the other side of the story. But, it is also a story of love and commitment, nurturing and growth.

Adultery is a very sticky subject and probably not an easy one to write in the POV of the adulterer. We always see the broken hearted one that is damaged and has to move on from it....I have never read one from this POV, but I honestly loved it. I found myself rooting them on. Now, before I get blasted for this, let me explain a little better. Temptation is a very real threat out there.....always has been, always will be. My personal feelings on this subject are that if you are happy, you don't see the connection or feel it and you are able to move on from it. If you have cracks in the foundation, temptation can filter happens. The best part about this series was that it wasn't written with a weak hero or heroine. Both were very strong characters and had lives seemingly on track, so this really was a great story to read. This was a very strong story, written with great depth and real, true emotions.

Olivia is married to Bill....and they have been for 3 years. We got to see the beginnings of their relationship and how they met and got together. Their lives are mixed with college friends, functions and good times…they are a busy couple. However, Bill had plans. He wanted to make a future with his wife, move into the “married” life and grow up. I could start to see the breaks and the cracks subtly mentioned in passing and how they affected the big picture. I even remember not really 'liking' Bill, but he wasn't a bad guy, per se. I just didn't feel the connection between him and Olivia.  

David Dylan is a powerful man….he is alpha personified. He is the bachelor all the women swoon over and want to meet. There is a deeper side to David that we get to meet, a deeper real person that has goals, wants and needs. His ambience just oozes control, protection and sexiness. He made my heart melt and swoon….OMG!

It's no secret that I love alpha male of my favorites. But I also really enjoy a very angsty book, and THIS one definitely fit the bill. David Dylan is a very sexy and hot alpha male that has his head on straight and his eyes on his prize. One chance look, that's all it took for David and Olivia. I felt swept up into their world….their all-encompassing powerful love. There was an amazing and intense draw to each other and it really was palpable; the feelings and emotions were very well written. I hurt for her, I felt elation and happiness for her and I felt confusion with her.*I FELT IT ALL AND LOVED IT!!*

This was a single POV from Olivia's standpoint, and seeing ONE side allowed me to focus on her feelings and David's feelings. We got to see the reactions and emotions from the other characters play out, but it focused on hers. I felt very connected to her and was able to see her warring with herself, see her feelings come alive, and see her break down. We really get the full circle of emotions....and even the ending finished off as it should have.

I truly loved this series and really feel that the love in this story, the powerful pull and passionate magnetism between these two, was amazing to read. I just felt wrapped up in their intense relationship and I immersed myself in it. I loved it! I found myself holding my breath at times, biting my finger and smiling *SO* much! Ahhh!! It was intense beyond intense! The author showed the breakdown in communication, the loss of friendships and the growth of others…..I loved seeing the flow of life and the changes that take place over time. And the angst….she had a handle on that and could really write some sexy scenes!! I can liken this to not really a book hangover…..but more like a series hangover. I just enjoyed it so much. <3

Excellent story. Excellent Alpha. Excellent love.

5 powerful and passionate stars.

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Jessica Hawkins grew up between the purple mountains and under the endless sun of Palm Springs, California.

She studied international business at Arizona State University and has also lived in Costa Rica and New York City. To her, the most intriguing fiction is forbidden, and that's what you'll find in her stories. Currently, she resides wherever her head lands, which is often the unexpected (but warm) keyboard of her trusty MacBook.



I love all things Jessica....I have since I met her in October 2013 and I have loved every book she has written. I cannot suggest enough that you read The Cityscape Series and her Night Fever Series.


  1. Goes without saying, but always love your reviews! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awww!! I love that you love my reviews. I loved this series with every piece of me. David Dylan will always be mine. Always. <3