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Series Review of the Bennett Series by Kennedy Ryan


I LOVED THIS SERIES!! I know I have to admit that I have officially read EVERY book that Kennedy has written now and I am a FAN!! I started out by reading My Soul To Keep and then I saw her posting about Until I'm Yours and I was immediately intrigued. I liked her writing style in MSTK and knew I wanted to check this out. Her writing is lyrical and she commands your attention. I love that she uses words that aren't regularly used in many books, so you're constantly kept engaged during the story. I'll be honest, I had to look quite a few up, but I loved that I was thoroughly entertained the entire time I was reading. Beautiful writing.

When You Are Mine and Loving You Always are Kerris and Walsh's story and it spans both books. It sets the storyline up for the entire Bennett Series by introducing us to all of the characters, but it focused on Kerris and Walsh and Cameron. I loved it...but I am *SO* glad that I was able to read them one after the other. I love a good love triangle, but knowing I had to wait for the next book in the series would have killed me!! Knowing a love SO deep that you can't let go of awaits you and affects you for YEARS is a telling thing....and the fact they both fought this attraction and they lost the battle? But they lost HARD. Really hard...and I will say, it wasn't all for naught. They earned what they got and the love that came out of it was deep. Pure and true love came out of something so tragic. This wasn't an easy triangle either. I loved that they had to fight SO HARD to get to where they were. I loved their story. Their struggle. Their love. So good! This is also the book that made me not see Cameron in a good light....not fair, I know, but I just couldn't get over his actions. Kerris and Walsh had a love that I crave reading about. Strong, withstanding and tempting. So good!

"You are the best decision my heart ever made."

Be Mine Forever was Cameron and Jo's story. This is where I admit that I was really scared to read this book. I wasn't exactly sure Cameron could redeem himself after what he did to Kerris, nor did I think he deserved Jo!! I had a harder time getting into this story, unlike the first two books, so the love came later for me. I think I need to say, the ability to make me fall for a character that I did NOT like in previous books is no small feat. I hold grudges. HA!! So, for me to actually root for and fall in love with their relationship was a GOOD thing. The trials and tribulations that Jo and Cam encounter aren't simple, quick fixes. While this one was the second couple in the series, it was a whole new world once we got to dive into Cameron's head and find out what was actually going on in his mind as everything was happening. He definitely had his own demons to wrestle with, and the depth of his character came out very strong in the end.

"I think that what I'm going to do to you, I've never done to anyone else. I fully expect to worship you, Jo."

Until I'm Yours was the final book in the series and was, overall, my favorite. I loved Sofie and Trevor SO HARD!!!!! We met Sofie in the first/second book, and while she wasn't easily likable, I certainly didn't hate her. She had some moral issues, and she was a conniving brat for some time, but she was following what her heart wanted .....or what she thought her heart wanted.

Sofia was a very strong character. Not only mentally, but emotionally as well. I liked that she had this hard shell exterior that she was able to successfully hide behind and be this strong, put together woman. Her character was written so well that we got to see her strength and her insecurities, and that combined made up this very diverse character. This façade she hid behind worked for her for quite some time until something from her past was brought up and that was shattered. The fact that Trevor was there for her NO MATTER WHAT made me fall deep in love with him. Seriously .... REAL man. And it wasn't like she needed a man to stand up for her and protect her....she didn't need that at all. She needed a man to stand beside her and be her grounding force through it all. Trevor was soooooo sexy. So good. So.....just everything.

Trevor had a deeper presence to him...something about him made him a very intriguing gentleman. He was alpha. Sexy. HOT. Delicious. Smart. Thoughtful. You name it, he was...but he had a little extra oomph to him. I am not entirely sure how to explain it, but he's the kind of man that can talk dirty to you and still kiss his momma! He was every bit the gentleman with Sofia. She truly needed a man that could accept her flaws with love and help her...not admonish her for them. He was the epitome of a real man. He could take care of his woman in every way, and I really liked that about him. This was my favorite book in the series.

"Knowledge is the greatest charity because it continues giving."

I liked that we got to see all the characters progressively in each following book. I really enjoyed seeing what happened from a new POV, but I also liked seeing what happened AFTER the book ended and we moved onto the next couple. This was a really well written series that I loved and would highly recommend to anyone wanting a series that centered around a family. Loved it!

I think it should be noted that Kennedy Ryan does NOT just give her characters an immediate easy route to love. They don't just find each other and BAM! they are in an easy relationship.

I broke down my reviews this way:
When You Are Mine: 4.5 Stars
Loving You Always: 4.5 Stars
Be Mine Forever: 4 Stars
Until I'm Yours: 5 Stars

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