Sunday, March 20, 2016

Book Review for Elastic Hearts by Claire Contreras


Victor Reuben.
Most sought out divorce attorney in LA. 

Nicole Alessi.
Soon to be ex-wife of Hollywood's biggest star and Victor’s latest client. 

In such a high profile divorce, they can't afford any extra drama. Luckily, neither one of them has anything to hide.
Unless you count the mind blowing sex they had…
Three times all those years ago.

The past is in the past, though. As long as they keep their hands off each other until the divorce is final, they'll be fine. But she keeps wearing those tight dresses, and he keeps giving her those heated glances, and keeping their hands to themselves is proving to be more difficult than either one of them realize.

It won't be long before the paparazzi starts smelling the smoke, and where there's smoke...

◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     

"I'll do whatever it takes if it makes you cave to this"

If there was one way to end a series of amazing men and their fights to get their happily ever after, this was it. The love all these men had for their women was undeniable and I loved watching them FIGHT for their love. They fought and fought hard for it. I. LOVED. IT.

Victor and Nicole. Victor and Nicole. Victor and Nicole!!

This couple; how do you even begin to explain them? So, I outlined quite a bit to remind me of the tumultuous relationship these two had while I was reading their story, mainly because it wasn't just one issue, fixed and moved was a bunch of tiny little things to test their love. But what a love it was. A mind blowing, heart-twisting, whole-body-aching kind of love. 

Victor and Nicole had this intense underlying sexual tension any time they were around each other. So much so that it made the ever disciplined and in control Victor lose his ever loving mind!! It was very evident by the way her just being around him made him question his morals and responsibilities. What we saw of Victor throughout the other books was a very devoted and disciplined man with his goals in life, but the ladies were not in his wheelhouse of needs. Sure, he got what he wanted, when he wanted it, but nothing long term to take him away from his goals. When they got together, it was combustible. This tension was extremely sexy and quite addicting!! I needed this push and pull between them. It just fit Victor's MO....he isn't easily distracted from his priorities and job, but he wants something that he can't have. I loved this part of him. Of her. Of them.

Victor was so dominating and it was so freaking HOT, but Nicole was NOT one to back down. She had a mouth and words came out without abandon. She said what she needed to say, but it wasn't without consequence. Some would think this was unhealthy, but they communicated "all out". Hardcore. Ballsy. Sometimes callous. But, it got conversation rolling....and they needed that. But, when Victor opened his mouth and said what needed to be said, he left no room for discussion. Because he "always got his way", and it was freaking sexy! I love the way he went all alpha on was super swoony!! Body tingling swoony!

The only reason I can't give this a full 5 stars was because I didn't feel as much emotion behind these two in the very beginning. Was it sexy? Yes! Was it hot? Absolutely! Did it pick up? Oh yes!!! Very much so....but it took a while to get there. There were some seriously sexy times and this entire story was a powerful push and pull of their hearts and their emotions. Victor was a REAL man. ALL man. There was something so understated and brash about him that I absolutely loved. 

"You are every goal I never knew I wanted."


Claire is a New York Times & USA Today Best Selling author, mother of two, wife of one, owner of three dogs, and breast cancer survivor.

She enjoys writing anything from children’s stories to erotic suspense, but her most notable work is a contemporary romance. When she’s not writing, she’s reading and dreaming about places she wants to visit.






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