Thursday, January 28, 2016

Book Tour for Rock Star Cowboys by DL Roan


The McLendon Twins have become country music gods. Reckless and charming, Carson is the life of the party. Connor loves their music, but he’s had it with Carson’s antics and life on the road. He’s ready to call it quits when their beloved Papa falls ill and they are called home to their family ranch on Falcon Ridge.

Occupational Therapist Breezy Youngblood once loved Connor and Carson to the moon and back. She was a mere girl when her world was shattered and she was forced to leave Grassland with only her broken heart. When she’s asked to return to help the McLendon patriarch recover, she’s forced to face the tragedy that destroyed her dreams of ever calling Falcon Ridge her home.

When Connor reunites with Breezy, it’s love at first sight. He believes she’s the one who can bridge the canyon between him and his twin. Carson? He wants her gone. Despite his unexpected attraction to Breezy, he knows what happened that ill-fated night and he’s not about to let her charm her way into his family’s good graces.



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Review: 4 Stars

Her reaction to his proximity was as natural and uncontrollable as a mid-summer thunderstorm. Always had been.

This was a FUN book!!! I have loved DL Roan's McLendon Family Saga Series for as long as I can remember, and this was a fun addition as we got to see the twins grow up and come into their own. I have read every one of her books and have enjoyed each one....this one was no different. 

While this book can technically be read as a standalone (easily), I think you would enjoy the series as a whole as well. It's a bit of a different story as the family life is NOT conventional, but overall it's a story of love and growth. With their lifestyle being so different, it adds such a different dynamic to the whole story. This family is so entertaining....and I know there is more to come and I can't wait.

The story starts out with a young Breezy, Connor and Carson and life as it was....we got to grow with them and see how they met and interacted as children, before we met them as adults. After reading their story, I was IN LOVE with these boys and their affections for Breezy. Breezy was such a sweet and innocent little girl, but Connor and Carson were naughty, sexy and HOT. Their connection was electric and they set each other much so that when ONE twin realizes she is the ONE and the other has not yet accepted that reality (even though he knows), the push and pull between them all is so powerful that it can't be denied.

I loved the emotions in this book and enjoyed how their story took off. This story was one of redemption and true love and I feel that DL did a good job of letting their story go through the heartache, to grow and mature as adults with a love that grew so powerful. I love DL's heat level in her menage romances....and while it was weird for me to think of the kids all grown up, they had definitely grown into their own. I don't think I will ever get over this family and the amount of love they have for everyone, and the fact that they are just the most loving and non judgmental family ever makes it a great read. I love the McLendons. And I got to see my man Mason again. And Matt. And Grey....and a few others. I am looking forward to the next book in this series as I believe that will be a heart-tugging story to wade through.

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Contemporary Erotic Romance Author of super sexy, Alpha-licious novels.

D.L. Roan loves combining fantasy with the real world, giving her readers more than just a book or romance, but a true adventure in love. Her characters are always real to her and she genuinely enjoys bringing them to life for her readers.

She's a native Floridian, a rare breed in a land of snow birds. Scuba diving and hunting for shark's teeth on the beach are two of her favorite things. Oh! And building sand castles instead of snowmen in December and sending pictures of them to all her snowbound friends. She loves rainy days, thunderstorms and is an avid dog lover. Yes, size matters. She hopes to one day add a big ol' floppy Great Dane to her family of hounds.

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  1. Beautiful post and I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this review! Thank you so much for sharing in my special day!

    1. Awww!! You're welcome!! I loved the twins!! Can't wait for more. <3