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Book Review and Giveaway for Forever Falcon Ridge by DL Roan


A third-generation rancher, Dani McLendon is destined to become the first woman to ever manage her family's ranch. Running Falcon Ridge is her birthright, her honor, her responsibility. It's all she's ever dreamed of doing, until a long-legged, cowboy-built Texan saunters into their barn with his dimpled smile and changes everything with a risky dare.

One of the most important lessons Clay Sterling's father taught him about working with a high-spirited filly is to work with her, not against her. Clay's wanted Dani since the moment he laid eyes on her. He needs her as a partner in his latest business venture, and he wants her in his bed. Convincing the spitfire of a cowgirl to take a chance on him will be the fight of his life, and he's ready to go all twelve seducing rounds, but his prize in the end may be more than he bargained for. Winning Dani McLendon may just cost him his heart.

REVIEW: 5 Stars
"My love for you isn't a choice."

Oh, gosh.....where to start?? <sigh> I love DL's stories. For my first ever cowboy romance read, this entire series has definitely hit the spot. Or set the bar impossibly high. But not only that, their story is a completely different storyline from anything I've ever read and I feel like I am fully vested in this family now! Connected on a literary level. #Stalker. DL Roan is one of the most underrated authors out there. I just want EVERYONE to read her, or this series at the very least. I seriously push it as much as I can, and with the first one being FREE, I cannot imagine any valid reason why you shouldn't already have that book on your kindle. Just my opinion. HA!

Don't swoon too much at that opening quote because I claimed Clay already. MINE. His wink made me blush and go completely weak in the knees!!! My gosh, his accent and his chivalry is unrivaled. He was all man, and it showed. ARGH. I want more of him!!!! Ok, for serious now: Clay and Dani's story is probably my favorite story of the family (aside from the first book). I don't know if I say this every time, but dangit! DL writes all these amazing books and I am just a slave to her stories. I soak them up. I need them to keep going!! Dramatic much? Probably, but I'm serious. She needs to keep writing me stories forever and ever, amen. She is so good at spinning a story. She has this amazing ability to emote with her words, words you can wrap yourself up the point of actually feeling them. When they're "falling in love", you're feeling that fall as if it were YOU. I just know that I happily get lost in her words.

I have to admit, I paced while reading this one -- I didn't want it to end!! I wasn't ready for it at all. I loved this story so hard and I enjoyed seeing Grey and his craziness in full effect, but he was such a good dad in this one. I may have fallen deeper in love with him (is that possible?). Oh my gosh, we all know I love him and Matt and Mason, they are my book husbands, and to be able to see them going through this book with a whole new understanding that Dani has grown gosh, I loved it SO MUCH!!! This family has been my family for YEARS, and being able to watch them grow and watch them fall in love and feel all their emotions as if they are my family has been so amazing. This is one of my all time favorite family sagas ever. I know I have one more book in this series, but I don't think I am ready to say goodbye. I know I won't be able to. The wait is going to suck. (But.....psssst: I know who she is writing about next, so I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you are going to love it too!!!)

As a blogger, it always worries me that I cannot accurately put into words what an author's book does to me or for me. It always scares me that my reviews can't live up to the words they presented me, and that my words just lacks in comparison. When I say DL's words have passion in them, I truly mean it. I hope you give this very different but very good series a try. It will be worth the hours you spend falling in love with each and every single character in this family.
"A true love story never ends."

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The McLendon Family Saga Reading Order

Interconnected Series - Survivors Justice

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D.L. Roan loves combining fantasy with the real world, giving her readers more than just a book or romance, but a true adventure in love. Her characters are always real to her and she genuinely enjoys bringing them to life for her readers.

She's a native Floridian, a rare breed in a land of snow birds. Scuba diving and hunting for shark's teeth on the beach are two of her favorite things. Oh! And building sand castles instead of snowmen in December and sending pictures of them to all her snowbound friends. She loves rainy days, thunderstorms and is an avid dog lover. Yes, size matters. She hopes to one day add a big ol' floppy Great Dane to her family of hounds.

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