Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway for For Forester by J Nathan



I'm Alabama's star wide receiver. I've got mad skills on and off the field, and it's no secret I'm heading into the draft after the upcoming season. But I’m home for the summer to make some cash before my senior year. Being back under my parents' roof isn't the ideal situation, but the moment I see Marin, the star of my adolescent fantasies, I know it's about to get interesting. She may not have noticed me back then, but I've got a feeling it's just a matter of time before she lets me turn those fantasies into reality.


The last time I saw Trace Forester he was just a kid tearing up the neighborhood on his skateboard. That was when I was foolish enough to think I had the perfect husband and the perfect life. But now my life is in shambles and Trace is back, all grown up, hot as hell, and exuding major confidence. It would be so easy to fall for his good looks and undeniable charm. So easy to let him into my life. Too bad I learned the hard way that nothing worth having ever comes easy.

"I've always seen you, Marin. All those years. And it's just crazy to finally have you looking back and seeing me."

I am literally HIGH on smiles right now. This was THE most perfect book to read in between heavier ones because there was zero angst, and smiles galore. OMG....I am officially in love with Trace Forester and have decided that maaaaaaybe I can handle this trope. HAHA! This was a little out of my comfort zone; but the way J Nathan told this story, and the emotions she brought forth, she made it easy to read this book and fall in love with Marin and Trace's love. What a fun, light but sexy, and altogether swoony love to read about too. Trace was a man wise beyond his years, but he had also met his one true love that brought him to his knees, and I love that he stayed true to himself. I smiled the ENTIRE time I was reading this book when these two were together. Whether it was laughing at Trace's so-very-NOT-shy and most definitely NOT humble comments, or when he was being extremely romantic and downright dirty with Marin; I was in love. No joke....I smiled the entire time.

OMG....these two were so hot together. Their feelings were a force to be reckoned with, and I loved watching them fall for each other. Seriously.....ahhhh. I feel like I can exhale. Tee hee! I really loved this book. My smile is legit!! I am super sad that it read as fast as it did though. I could have kept reading their story!! <sigh>

We had banter: check
We had swoonage: check 
We had smiles: check
We had laughs: check
We had SEXy times: check
We had sincerity: check

I seriously cannot be any happier right now....I am still smiling after reading this story. It really was just FUN and so good. Thinking about everything that was going on, one thing that stood out for me was that to some folks, this was so wrong, but to Trace and Marin, this was oh so right. And that dynamic, I found that I actually loved it. These two were so cognizant of what was going on and what others were thinking, but Trace didn't care AT ALL. I felt that Marin's feelings and insecurities were completely understandable and described really well, and that made her very relatable. 

I was frustrated a little with how manipulative one of the side characters was being because I hate seeing that happen. I have been in the position Marin was so deviously put in, so I could really empathize with her. I felt her pain and the false realization that her hands were tied. She was backed into a corner and she was made to feel that she had no way out, and that was hard to read. I felt terrible for her, but I will tell you what; the way all the characters came together in this story was incredible. It was a really good mix of characters with different dynamics, but that also made it a more well-rounded story for me; more believable.  We all get a little help from our friends now and then, and that sense of community and friendship was well played throughout this book. I loved it!

This is my second book by J Nathan, and if she keeps writing stories like this, I am going to have a very happy kindle. This is the SECOND book in this series, but can be read as a complete standalone -- absolutely no story crossover at all, besides the main characters in For Finlay. I can and will happily recommend this series, and now I need to catch up on her other series!! I am *SO* happy that I "found" J Nathan and read her. I cannot wait to read more. 

--> Oh, and if there were ever food related scenes that made me blush - woah, canned whip cream should make it on your grocery list because....holy hell, Trace is sexy AF!

"I've had good sex. This is something else."


J. Nathan is the author of the new adult romances For Finlay, Before Hadley, Until Alex, and Since Drew. When she's not writing, she's a total romance junkie! Add an alpha male who's unlikable in the beginning... even better. Happy endings are a must. Love triangles and negative people are the bane of her existence. Her family, friends, guys in backwards hats, and watermelon margaritas are the light…





  1. Oh my gosh Bee your review is totally amazing! You really made me wanna skip work and just dive in. Wow beautiful! Again you got me intrigued and excited.

    1. Don't skip work!! Hahaha!!!

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    1. Thanks, Zilpha!!! These two were an unlikely couple, but I loved them!