Friday, January 20, 2017

Book Review and Giveaway for The Neighborhood by Stylo Fantome


Things a bad neighbor can do to you:
1. Have loud parties late at night

2. Refuse to mow his lawn

3. Steal your newspapers

4. Rip your heart out and walk all over it

Katya Tocci is willing to admit that she may have bitten off more than she could chew.

Liam Edenhoff showed her a side of life she'd been missing out on - sex and friendship and tacos. But then he betrayed her.

Wulfric Stone taught her that big surprises can come from unexpected places - like from a surly, aggressive, withdrawn bastard. But then he broke her heart.

Now one of them wants forgiveness, and the other wants forever. And Katya? She just wants to forget.

Who knew neighbors could be so difficult?

"If you truly care about someone, then it takes work. Hard, tough, difficult, and sometimes plain god awful work."

TRIANGLE!! Need I say more? Ok, I probably should....but, we all know that I LOVE this trope. The pull on both sides is always a good one. I love that it makes you question your feelings about what is actually happening between each couple and the angst is usually pretty high and I love angst!! Anyway, as I was saying, this was a triangle, and after the first book left off on a cliffie, I was seriously anxious for this conclusion. I did not rate my first review because I was on the fence about it and I wanted more. You can check out my review HERE.

The way this one was written, it totally made me think of what EACH guy offered to Katya and I was biting my nails up until the very end because I knew who I wanted her to be with, but man!! She played it back and forth juuuuust right that I started to question if I really wanted that person for her or not! Liam had some seriously swoon-worthy comments and actions; complete drool-worthy moments. He was a really good friend to her and she had that to lean on after everything that she found out in the first book and working itself into this book. I think Katya made him want to be a better man because he was the polar opposite of Wulf and they were both vying for her attention. Wulf was a hot under the collar, sexy as sin man that knew how to really take care of Katya in all aspects....except his attitude and mouth. That man had issues!! But he also had a soft side that Katya brought out in him and I loved to see that she was able to break him down a little, but then he bounced right back up to his assholishness ways. Like I said, something about each one of them made me love them both individually. I really enjoyed this book. Katya had some growing up to do, some serious thought provoking moments to reflect on and some eye opening moments to learn from. 

In the beginning, I was really concerned this was going to become an angry girl revenge story because Katya put them through the wringer. While the guys dealt with some serious crap from HER in terms of getting back on her good side after what she found out at the end of Neighbors, I really enjoyed this series overall. I laughed a lot more in this book than I did the last one too. Liam is so loving and funny and Wulf is so cocky and sexy....what a pickle she was in! This book really picked up the pace for me in terms of Stylo's writing style. I know the first one was different for me but I enjoyed it. She writes in third person, and the joy of that is seeing everyone's reactions. After having read this series, I know that I really need to check out more of her books. Her angst, while subtle, was enjoyable for me. 

"You think saying 'I'm sorry' should magically make the hurt and heartache go away. Well, it doesn't."
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  1. Hhhmmm I'm definitely reading this duet! Thanks for the amazing review.