Friday, September 9, 2016

Blog Tour Review: El Diablo by M Robinson

I was ruthless. 

I was feared. 
I had sacrificed. Myself. Her. Everything... 

Living in a world where I was worth more dead than alive was a choice. I was a bad man, never claimed to be anything else. I’ve done things I’m not proud of. Seen things that can’t be unseen. I’ve caused pain that I can’t undo. 
It was all my choice. 
Every decision. 
Every order. 
Right and wrong never mattered. 
Until her. 
She was under my protection, until she became my obsession. 
But who was going to save her... 

From. Me. The devil himself. 

Fate brought us together. Destiny destroyed us.


"I'm not who you think I am, Lexi. And the sooner you realize that, the better."

What. A. RIDE!!!!! Crazy, at that.

This was a LOOOONG book, but I don't think M Robinson does anything half-ass! This review will not touch on everything, and just trust me when I say just read this and enjoy it. Soak it up. There is so much to cover, so much to much to absorb. If you haven't read Crave Me, I would at least recommend reading that for the sole purpose of seeing Martinez's side to his and Briggs' story. Seeing his side kinda broke my heart a little bit.

Nothing was conventional AT ALL for these two. But that's what makes M Robinson's reads so titillating! You are kept on the edge of your seat while you read what's going on, and it's not a quick read, so you have to go through ALL the emotions while you read this. Excitement, fear, anger,'s all there. Just when she thought she was getting somewhere, she really was taking more steps back. Such an amazing story of giving and taking, pushing and pulling. WOW. I loved the way Lexi tested his every boundary, the way she made him question his own feelings. I loved the way Alejandro pushed Lexi and made her squirm.

So many things happened in this many power struggles and discussions and actions. AAACK!! Read. It. 

I can pinpoint my FAVORITE part in this book....and it was the moment Alejandro gave in to Lexi. The buildup to that moment was tantamount and very necessary for the story to carry on the way it did. Bravo. Bravo, Miss Robinson. Your books continue to grow and get better as I read them. I am forever a fan and will always recommend my (pretty sure they're mine now) boys and Alejandro to any reader that wants a book that will grip them, heart and soul, and pull them into another world as they read. Thank you for your words. LOVED this book. 

"Maybe you're not who you think you are. Have you ever considered that?"

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Best Selling Author M. Robinson loves to read. She favors anything that has angst, romance, triangles, cheating, love, and of course sex! She has been reading since the Babysitters Club and R.L. Stein.

She was born in New Jersey but was raised in Tampa Fl. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in psychology, with two years left.

She is married to an amazing man who she loves to pieces. They have two German Shepherd mixes and a Tabby cat.



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  1. Oh my I want to read this ASAP! Beautiful review Bee! I can't wait to chat about this.