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SERIES Review and SALE for The Black Lotus Series by EK BLair


Review: 5 Stars!

I feel like I am missing a link or a friend…..or a beating heart. Yeah, that happened. My heart was ripped out and I want to hate Ek for making this so addicting. This book was like a drug. I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t get enough of it! I absorbed every word in this book….every.single.one.

I have never read a dark book and I have never felt like this at the end of a book. I am seriously……lost. I want, nope….I NEED something. Anything. A lifeline would sure be nice…..but holy hell!! I have never felt this shocked at the turnout of events that happened in a book. I want to cry….but I don’t really cry with books. I want to purge these emotions I am feeling by talking it through with someone because bottling it up would be painful…..but I don’t want to spoil someone else’s rollercoaster of necessary emotions. I want to just curl up in a ball and rehash everything I just read and dissect it. There was so much going on, so much to think about and so much to question…..

Damn you Ek. You are simply amazing. This book is unlike anything I have ever read….and when it was coined a psychosexual thriller, well that was pretty precise. I am shaking my head as I am trying to formulate my review….yes, it appears I do this after I read a book that affects me on this level. This book won’t leave me. I can’t process what I am feeling in my weary mind. I am shaken to the core, my mind is overloaded, my heart is crushed and my soul is wounded.
I have promised a NO spoiler review, which means that the synopsis you read up there is the depth of what you will get from any reviews at this point. But I will say that this book will test your limits beyond anything you have ever read.

This was a single POV book, but it was written with such depth and description that it truly encompassed ALL sides to every one of the characters. The characters were believable, the storyline was deep and the outcome was gut wrenching and heartbreaking!! It moved me and it tore me up, it made me feel for her and made me despise her….I will never be the same.
I am told there are more books in the series…..but I don’t even pretend to understand how that is going to work out. I have my theories, but with the way I was tossed around with the twists and turns in this plot, I won’t really entertain those theories because everything I thought I knew, I truly didn’t. Everything was tested by this book and I am honestly shocked and stunned by the outcome.
Ek is my superhero…..her mind is an amazing place to visit, because this book was beyond extraordinary; it was so unique and beyond comprehension. Just……wow. Amazing. Phenomenal. Fanfreakingtastic.

5 mind-numbing stars. Nothing compares…..nothing.


Ok....Ek Blair is nothing short of BRILLIANT.

So, to explain what happened during this book is impossible. I cannot even begin to tell you HOW it made me feel and WHAT it made me feel. We know with Bang, it was one roller coaster ride of a mind-fuck. It was crazy, mind blowing and mind numbing.....straight crazy, but amazing. I had feelings with Bang that I have never had with any other book. I had to walk away, but I didn't want to stop reading. It was my first dark read and I enjoyed it immensely, and I was shocked.

Blair has such a love affair with words....she regularly posts #WordPorn on her Instagram account....and it's really neat. Well, she is no different in her books. Her words flow uninhibited, her books are a masterful use of words and this one just permeates your soul. DEEP. This book was phenomenal and I couldn't stop reading it. I didn't want to put it down! I devoured it and clung to every word she wrote. She has this amazing ability to immerse you, the reader, into the world she is creating and make you feel everything going on. It was powerful. It was deep. It was harsh. But it was amazing.

The ending left me in a frenzy. This is what the ending did to me:

My mind was racing, my heart was pumping and I was in a complete state of shock! WOW!!! I am not a cliffhanger lover....not by any means, but I can honestly say that her books are so deep and intricate that I can't possibly forget the story, so that makes the cliffhanger a little easier to handle. There is no way you can forget her words, her stories....but, still? Amazing. Massive chills running up and down my spine.....even when I ran out to tell my husband what I had just read, I got the chills all over again!

When I say amazing, that doesn't even tip the iceberg. Phenomenal might begin to describe it, but I feel that word isn't even BIG enough for this book.

I was asked if Echo was better than Bang. Honestly? Bang and Echo are in a league of their own. Better than? I don't know.....Bang messed me up, but Echo freaked me out! This book gave me some answers that I needed, but it also led to so many more questions. I am so excited to read Hush.

"There is simply no cure for heartbreaks that surpass monumental agony."

To say that I have been anxiously awaiting this book for some time, that is an understatement. I needed more Declan, I needed more of their intense love, and I needed to know who was on the freaking plane!! You can't tell me that YOU weren't curious about it! And, for the record, I knew it. Ha!

In epic form, Ek Blair twists our hearts and minds to accept the unacceptable, to believe the crazy, and to understand the insanity. Ek's writing is poetic, and the way she tells the story allows you to fall in love with the characters, flawed and all. This book had some elements to it that showed the depth of Elizabeth's craziness, but just as mentally unstable as she may have seemed, she still loved hard and was the light in Declan's darkness. I loved how much he loved her. I wish there was a better word to describe it other than DEEP, because he loved her with every fiber of his being, with every breath that he took. It was intense. I adore him so much. I just love how alpha/domineering/controlling he was and he knew exactly how to take care of Elizabeth; emotionally and physically. I craved him so much. 

"I love you to the point it hurts, but I relish the pain of it because it reminds me that what we have runs so deep within me."

These two have their own demons that they will never escape, but the LOVE in this story is undeniably profound. Their love is unsurmountable and nothing can or will ever top it; Declan ensures this. The course this story takes is the very proof of their undying love and I absolutely loved the way he embraced her crazy, while helping her get through anything and everything that came their way. The depth that this story takes while you're reading it, I could just scream.....it was beautiful. Truly.

The ending of the book was perfect, as it was Declan and Elizabeth's deserved ending. I truly thought it was fantastic!! But with that being said, some things didn't make much sense to me and the epilogue was completely unnecessary, which took away from the seriousness and the darkness/dankness of the overall storyline FOR ME. I just didn't like it. It turned this dark, epic story into a wonderment....a fairytale. It didn't leave a good taste in my mouth and it was almost maddening. It makes me sad, because if I could unread that ONE part, this book would have been an epic ending to an amazing DARK trilogy. I question why it bothers me so much, because it's not like I expected anything, but I just didn't expect THAT.

"Karma had done her job, but I wanted to bask in the wake of her achievement."




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New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling author, E.K. Blair, takes her readers on an emotional roller coaster with her books. A former first grade teacher with an imagination that runs wild. Daydreaming and zoning out is how she was often found in high school. Blair tends to drift towards everything dark and moody and has been noted as 'The Queen of Dark and Twisted'. Give her a character and she will take pleasure in breaking them down, digging into their core to find what lies underneath.

Aside from writing, E.K. Blair finds pleasure in music, drinking her Starbucks in peace, and spending time with her friends. She's a thinker, an artist, a wife, a mom, and everything in between.



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