Monday, August 21, 2017

Review for Perfectly Imperfect by Harper Sloan


Mirror, mirror ... who's the fairest of them all?

I still cringe when I hear that line. A fairy tale that had girls pretending they were the fairest, the most beautiful, and the most entitled. A fairy tale most couldn't grow out of turned my haunted childhood memories into a living nightmare. Girls who grew up believing that pile of garbage became the meanest of all 'mean girls.'

And those mean girls were right ­ it was a line meant for all the beautiful people in the world ­ and I knew the answer would never be me.

The women with long legs, flat stomachs, and perfect chests.

The type of women Kane Masters gravitated toward.

Well, that's definitely not Willow Tate.

No. That will never be me.

Because I'm completely imperfect.

And ... I hate myself.

I have no idea what Kane could possibly see in someone like me when he could have them.

◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     ◆     


Ummm.....Just wow!

Impressive....amazing....captivating. I am not sure I will be able to put into words how remarkable this book was. It was a moving story of an emotionally battered, but strikingly beautiful young lady. We all want a strong heroine.....we always complain when the heroine isn't strong enough or is run over in many books out there. Well, this one had a very real twist. One that we don't really get to see in today's books. This book will be talked about for a while. Mark my words. Harper Sloan has set herself apart in this one.

I know this book may not be to everyones liking because it is about a woman that has just been emotionally beaten down over the years and has no self esteem or confidence, to the point that she has hit absolutely rock bottom. She tries...but then it's taken all away again. Repeatedly. To watch her come into herself and grow, while still having very REAL doubts, allowed us all to connect on a level that we don't normally get to. I had to stop reading this book many times. Not because it was bad or slow, but because I had to stop and think how it was affecting ME. The very REAL message behind what was going on....and how it can, and probably, will be perceived.

We have all read the books of the pretty girls that don't know they are pretty. Tall, statuesque....beautiful, but they just don't know. I love those stories. We all LOVE to put ourselves in those shoes and live the story through our own eyes. But this story, THIS one, pushed those boundaries and made you see the story through HER eyes and heart. But this story had an average sized woman that was not the normal status quo to someone else's idea of sexy, finding an honest and true love in the mix of all things awful. This story provided a lot of real life suffering: pain, embarrassment and mental anguish. We touched it all. But the most beautiful thing was....we got to experience love with her. So beautiful. I shake my do you FEEL words like this? *sigh*

I really wish I could say something remarkable that would just make you go, "Yep, I need to read this!" But I am sure my words will fail me.  I highlighted more in this book than I have an any other book this year. A LOT. This book was a really good mix of fighting to get up and accept that you are loved for WHO you are and serious sexy times. My gosh....Kane has got to be my new book boyfriend. He was pure every way. I am so in love with him.  Kane had a look in his eyes that told Willow everything she needed to know....and a searing touch to back it up with. He makes me giddy!!! He is a good man that could read his woman well.

Willow was surrounded by some amazing friends, and the cast of friends in this book rivals any others out there. Kirby was phenomenal, Eddie made me laugh and Kane made me swoon. HARD. Please grab this book....and please read it. I think it will resonate with a lot of puts into words how we feel from time to time. We all have our own insecurities...every one of us has something inside of us that allows us to relate to Willow on some level. It is a beautifully heartwarming book. I am so in love with this book. This one will sit on my signed bookshelf soon.

"And while I will never be perfect....I will be imperfect and rock it perfectly."

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